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Photographer, writer and model. Storyteller on both sides of the camera.
Born in The Netherlands and strong roots in Ireland, currently based in Dublin.

Since the age of 16 she has worked as a post producer and assisted several photographers in Amsterdam,
London and New York City.
Working alongside Alexi Lubomirski, Pieter Henket, Agata Serge, Tim Zaragoza, Anouk Hart, Migjen Rama, Jasper Abels, Laila Cohen, Boom Productions, Atelier Management and Haut Studios working at several different sets and studios including
Tim Walker Studio London and Irving Penn Studio New York.

After all those years of living in cities, she found that her ambition lies in nature. 
Nowadays she is travelling around the globe, documenting protected areas, capturing endangered species and visiting
third world countries to help the poor. 
Having experienced so much beauty from all over the world made her realise that she wanted to tell her stories to make people aware of the world we live in.


Clients: Wallpaper*, Suitcase Magazine, Life & Thyme, Gup Magazine, Rainforest Alliance, Phaidon, Zara Home,
The Visual Voices, Somewhere Magazine, Beside Magazine, JAN Magazine, &C Magazine and Witloft.

Awards: Fresh Eyes x Gup Magazine ‘best European photography talent of 2019’.
Currently presenting at
Les Rencontres d’Arles.

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